Welcome to Booker & Co

We are here to help.

Who Are We

The “We” here is Craig Booker, the owner and founder of Booker & Co. Craig is a writer and software developer from Oklahoma City who loves to help people.

Our Mission

We want you and your business to thrive. Period.

We combine our fantastic content writing and with our understanding of technology to help our clients exceed their goals.

What We Do

  • Writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Website Design
  • Help and Support

Why Choose Us?

We all think through this question in one way or another when we are looking to hire a company.  Here are my answers.

Fun, Engaging Content

I enjoy writing quality content which engages readers. I can help you create the same fun, engaging content for your audience.

Quality Development

The function of your site is a key component in your audience’s experience when visiting your site. I will work alongside you to build something your audience will enjoy.

Quality Designs

Getting the look and feel of your site right is important. We are dedicated to working through the process with our clients to build a web site which best represents their business.

Service & Support

Service and support from a real live human being. You know who you are dealing with and I am here to serve.

Results Oriented

We realize you have goals for you and your business. We are here to help you exceed those goals.

Award Winning Support Team

I, Craig Booker, am the type of person who cannot sleep if I know of an unresolved issue. My mind will work through the issue whether it is 2pm or 1am. I am dedicated to their interests of my clients.

My Niche Blogs

Below are my niche blog sites where I write about my various interests.


A site discussing iOS devices and related hardware.


Breaking down barriers in mentoring and exploring topics in personal growth.​


A site documenting what it means to go from zero to developer.​

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